Why I'm Not Buying a PS4 at Launch

Why I’m Not Buying a PS4 at Launch

As of this point I am pretty much sold on the PS4, but there are other factors that may (read as: definitely will) influence the time at which I purchase the console. Firstly, I just got a brand new PC, and I am loving playing games on that. Not to mention the price savings of most PC games. (Thank you Steam!)

However, the largest deterrent for a day one purchase of the PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly my backlog. The first thing you should know (if you don’t already) is that  the PS4 will not be backwards compatible with physical or digital games. So all those PSN and PS3 games you own? You have to play those on the PS3. There was recently a story on PushSquare by Sammy Barker that hit on some really good points of the backlog. Even if you have just one console you probably have a backlog. And if you have multiple consoles? And a PC? Pfft. What’s worse is you may not even know how large your backlog truly is. It’s easy to forgot about games which you only own digitally. If the actual case is not sitting on your shelf and constantly staring you down, making you feel guilty for ignoring it for so long, screaming, “Why didn’t you chose me first?”, it’s easy for the title to fade from memory.

Then Sony’s made our situation even worse (#firstworldproblems) with PlayStation Plus. The PS+ service provides tremendous value to gamers with many benefits on the PlayStation Network; with the most notable benefit of free games every month! And many times more than one! Do you know how many free PS+ games I have on backlog? I don’t. (Seriously. I’ve lost count.) But it’s easily more than 6 or 7 full $60 titles. And probably twice that in smaller downloadable titles. On top of that, I even have games I’ve purchases physical copies of that I haven’t played yet! Those are the games that are currently collecting dust and haunting my dreams.

So why would I shell out a few hundred dollars to buy a PS4 when I still have a bunch of great games to play on PS3? Don’t get me wrong, I want a PS4. But I have enough content to keep me entertained for quite some time after Sony’s new console goes on sale. I think I’ll be holding off for at least a year. And yes, as a result my backlog will continue to grow. It’s a never-ending cycle I fear.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a backlog right now? And if so, how likely are you to purchase a PS4 or any next gen console at launch?

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Buying a PS4 at Launch

  1. badoink

    Yep, i could probably survive with current gen hardware on my unfinished games, and the upcoming grand theft auto 5 for another year. Plus the launch line up for the PS4 looks mostly crap.
    But shiny new smoother graphics, improved physics, AI will tempt my into buying the ps4 this year I fear.

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